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Transform your potential with The Movera Method™ — a breakthrough system that will change the way you interact, perform, communicate and see yourself in your daily professional life. The Method uses your existing resources more effectively, there is less waste – Movera is “green.”

What specifically does The Movera Method do?

  • Reduces and eliminates stressful feelings, limiting beliefs, fears and subtle self sabotage
  • Removes blocks to more fluid performance, decision making and effective action

What can you accomplish with The Movera Method?

  1. Increase effectiveness, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction
  2. Learn to manage your own stress level, any time, any place
  3. Reduce personal and organizational inhibitors
  4. Improve team work and communication

Facts about The Movera Method

  1. The Method is not therapy - it is a modern, natural process which you control for your goals.
  2. The Method is empowering - all individuals learn to apply this tool for themselves.
  3. The Method is a bio-energy approach - not psychology or manipulation. The outstanding effectiveness of the Method is based on balancing the body’s natural bio-energy system, removing the impediments to optimal functioning.
  4. The Method’s effectiveness has been demonstrated with hundreds of people in the USA and in Europe.

You and your company will be able to move mountains! The Movera Method is a powerful business tool for performance and stress management.

In any organization, effectiveness, performance, quality, well-being and results depend on individual performance and creativity, well functioning relationships, motivation, cooperation and teamwork. This is true for a family just as much as for a business or a governmental organization. Inhibitors and stress in all their forms from negative feelings, prejudices, and self-limiting believes to traumatic memories, anxieties and fears. All these impediments are like sand in a gearbox; they reduce functionality and quality and lead to early wear and tear.

The Movera Method can successfully address all these issues and does so in the most effective way when used in groups and institutionalized in organizations. This is the promise and the potential is huge.

Risks versus Benefits
Experience with hundreds of people shows that the Method is over 90% effective with individuals and even more effective in groups. The minimum benefit to any organization implementing the Method is that the people who learned the techniques have a tool to reduce and eliminate many personal issues and stresses. The potential unknown at this time is that the organization might not achieve a large enough effect to significantly improve its bottom line - see tab “Join our Pilot Program”.

Our individual results show that most performance issues can be addressed with the Method including blocks to creativity, judgment, decision making, communication and motivation. This experience might indicate some of the following opportunities in a business organization:

Effect on:

Estimated range of improvement:


   10 – 20%

Quality or reduction of scrap

    5 – 15%

Employee hours lost, absenteeism

   20 – 25%

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

   10 – 15%

Teamwork and quality of work life

   30% plus

Decision making and adaptability

   20% plus

Leadership and executive effectiveness

   15 -30%  (*)

(*) This is obviously the most difficult result to predict yet perhaps one of the most critical. Executives and leaders get to their position in part because they are very positive and highly effective. However, any issues which do affect them have a profound multiplier effect throughout the organization, its customers and suppliers.

Transform your organization with The Movera Method – a breakthrough system that will change the way you and your organization interact, perform and communicate. Movera is “green” – it uses your existing resources more effectively; there is no waste.

What is The Movera Method   
The Method is a set of mind-body techniques which balance the natural bio-energy system reducing impediments to optimal performance. Experience with hundreds of individuals and dozens of groups has shown the Method’s effectiveness. Results are commonly fast, profound and long lasting.

Reducing blocks to optimal performance
The Movera Method can address a wide range of issues including negative thinking, limiting beliefs, worry, anxieties and stress of all kinds; it can help improve focus, performance under pressure and reduce creative blocks.

How The Movera Method works
Our experience has shown that issues reducing performance, potential and wellbeing show up as imbalances in our bio-energy system. As soon as these imbalances are reduced or removed, corresponding issues are also reduced or removed.

How the Method can help

  1. Increase performance – less inhibitors and stress, better focus and energy level
  2. Manage change and crisis – removes barriers to innovative thinking and decisive action
  3. Improve communication – lessen fear of public speaking, cold call reluctance and more
  4. Support team work –  team effectiveness, communication flow, joint decision making
  5. Prevent and resolve conflict – dealing with ‘difficult people’, having your ‘buttons pushed’
  6. Reduce time lost – absenteeism and illness are often aggravated or caused by stress
  7. Ease travel – less fatigue, jet lag, fear of flying; better sleep and adaptation to climates and cultures
  8. Enhance physical performance –  athletics, competitive sports, golf

Movera characteristics
> All participants are trained and coached to use the Method for themselves. They can then use it any time and any place as wanted.
> There is no therapy or manipulation. No one is doing anything to you or for you. You alone have control of the process and what you want to accomplish.
> You do not need to disclose or discuss stressful issues or “problems”. You do not have to analyze, understand or re-live issues to balance your bio-energy system.
> You do not need to believe in the Method or understand how it works. It is only required that you use the Method as long as you see issues or obstacles.
> The Method is easy to learn but a 6-month follow up is required to institutionalize the program.
> The Movera Method works well with and complements most existing productivity programs.

If you want this tool for your business or organization contact Fred George Sauer, Founder

Call Fred at (734) 945-8275 / email

Fred George Sauer, is the founder of The Movera Method and Sedona Management Inc. Fred has developed and presented human potential workshops in the United States, Germany, and Ireland and trained groups and individuals in ways to improve their life by increasing their level of personal and business performance, success, and satisfaction. He achieves this by releasing blocks, limiting beliefs, fears and other impediments to increased performance with his clients with the most modern tools available.

Throughout his professional life, Fred has had a keen interest in both the technical and the human side of business. He has a wide variety of related training and experiences. He has designed and implemented dozens of projects in the US, Europe and Asia involving at times hundreds of people. An engineer by training with over 35 years of business experience, he has retained a strong human touch.

Fred Sauer


  • Created The Movera Method™ by combining the most effective techniques found in his work, 2006
  • Incorporated Sedona Management Inc., 2003
  • Automotive Industry, process improvement and optimization, information systems management, operations research, and leading national and international productivity and quality projects, 1969 – 2002
  • MS, University of Michigan, 1969
  • MS-Eng, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, 1968
  • Graduate studies in ergonomics and cybernetics, Loughborough University, England, 1965 – 1966
  • BS, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, 1965

Become a Movera Pilot!

The Movera Methods™ offers a few pilot program opportunities to measure the actual business impact of the Method on the organization (business, non-profit or governmental) over a six-month period:


  • A team or work group of 10* to 25 or more people - this could be a management team or a natural work group of employees including their manager. (* Participation needs to be voluntary and about 8 active participants minimum).
  • Willing to measure performance, output or quality so that changes as a result of using The Movera Method can be quantified.
  • Support the use of new methods with low risk and large opportunities.


  • Implement a method which has proven results for individual effectiveness, performance and well-being.
  • Be among the first to obtain the Movera benefits for your team and organization and quantify those benefits.
  • Receive discounted consulting fees for the training and be permanently exempt from recurring Movera license fees.

Cost, Risk and Benefit Considerations:

  • The Method has been shown in hundreds of cases to provide a variety of individual benefits. The worst case theoretically is that participants gain benefits as individuals and the organization experiences no measurable gain.
  • First month team training and coaching requires about 4-6 hours. Follow-up coaching for months two through six will average about 2 to 3 hours per month.
  • Training fees by mutual agreement. There is a need for modest administrative support to schedule sessions and gather data.

If you want to participate contact the founder, Fred George Sauer to determine if a Movera pilot would be valuable for your organization and mutually beneficial:

Call Fred at (734) 945-8275

Office address:

Sedona Management, Inc.

3615 Creekside Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Phone: (734) 945-8275